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Product Name: High-Efficiency Film-Coating Machine
Model No.: BGB–10F

Products Description
The BGB-10F high-efficiency film-coating machine is self-designed machine with high technology, suitable for pharmaceutical industry and food industry, and is a high efficient, energy saving, safe and clean machine, capable of organic film-coating, water soluble coating, control release and Sustained Release coating, pellet coating, sugar coating and even chocolate and candy coating.

Working Principle:                                                             
Feed tablet or pellet core into the film coating drum, and the cores make continuous complicated orbital movement. During the process of movement, coating material is sprayed automatically according to the process flow and rational technological parameters controlled by computer systems, in the meanwhile hot air is supplied under controlled negative pressure conditions, which ensure quick and evenly drying effect of coating material, and forms a firm and smooth surface film.


  1. The control system including PLC and HMI, ensure precise control and easy operation, and can meet the requirement of all kinds of dosage form techniques, compliance with GM standard;
  2. With effect of streamline designed blending arm, the material turnover fluently, exchanges frequently and eliminate collision when the material falls from high, avoid fragment and knocked edge, and increase output. The surface area of deflector panel is narrow, that avoid adherent and material saving, also increase the quality of product.
  3. The constant-pressure variable capacity Peristaltic pump without circumfluence pipe. The turning radius of the roller varies according with pressure, coating material output and spraying quantity balance automatically, which stabilize the atomization effect, simplify the spray system, prevent spray gun clogging, and reduce material costing. And it is easy to clean without dead angles.
  4. The spray gun is specially designed and manufactured for the coating machine, ensure equal atomization effect and large scale spray. The universal adjustable nozzle is independent from loading volume; timely spray gun cleaning system ensure continuous coating, shorten coating time and material saving;
  5. With inner negative pressure control display function;
  6. With hot air speed control display function;
  7. With temperature control and display function;
  8. With spray guy self-cleaning and anti-clogging function;
  9. With memorize and printing functions;
  10. Equipped with 3 different size drum for different requirements;
  11.  The small size is especially suitable for pharmaceutical lab R & D research.

Main Technical Parameter

Model No.


Capacity of three drum (kg/h)


Drum Diameter (mm)


Rotate rate (rpm)


Main motor power (kw)


Hot air temperature range (℃)

Normal temperature~80 ℃

Hot air filtration precision (μm)

0.5μm(100 000 grade)

Hot air motor power (kw)


Wind-Driven Fan motor power(kw)


Dust cleaning device motor power (kw)


Peristaltic pump motor power(kw)


Size (LxWxH) (mm)


Weight (kg)



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